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  • 12th ANNUAL Equipment India Award 2024

    9th October 2024

  • 12th ANNUAL Equipment India Award 2024

    9th October 2024

Welcome To 12th Annual Equipment India Awards 2024

The ĆßĂõĽş˝ Awards, instituted in 2013 by the FIRST CONSTRUCTION COUNCIL, recognise key players and bring together top manufacturers, and CASH companies where CASH stands for components, accessories, spares, and hardware – dealers and financiers. Equipment India brings forth the 12th edition of its Annual Awards, which will be held on October 09, 2024 in Mumbai, during the India Construction Festival.

The Indian construction and mining equipment market is at the cusp of tracking a steep growth trajectory over the next 5 to 10 years. In this emergence, renowned equipment manufacturers are making significant investments to bring forth their latest technologies and product portfolios to support the country’s rapid economic developments. In addition, end users in this developed market are replacing their outdated equipment with advanced solutions. Therefore, the construction and mining equipment market has considerable opportunities for industry players across the value chain. Equipment India recognises the best of class in this critical business segment at the ĆßĂõĽş˝ Awards.

Nomination Category

Introducing eight new categories of awards this year through nominations:

  • Innovation of the Year - OEMs
  • CSR Company of the Year
  • Green Factory of the Year
  • Trainer of the Year
  • Best Dealer for the Year
  • Emerging Construction Equipment Company
  • Innovation of the Year - Components and Accessories

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